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Starbucks Customer Portraits

Just months after graduating from art school, the tragedy of 9-11 unfolded; and as the economy ground to a halt, I quickly realized I would have to make my own luck, and took a day job at Starbucks in Lexington, MA while I started my first design firm on the side. Determined to continue creating and to do my best not to identify with the circumstances – I assembled a gallery show depicting portraits of several of the regular customers. Many times as a barista people would come in, get there caffeine fix and go without making conversation or eye contact. But to others coffee was part of their routine. You could set a watch on their regularity. I got to know these people AS people and created corresponding portraits – the local Newspaper even wrote a little article on the exhibition. Not the break I was looking for, but certainly encouragement to keep making art no matter what.
  • Project Type: Fine Art & Illustration
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  • Project Year: 2016
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