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Out of the darkness of dreaming into the dawning of day opened two huge round eyes staring out into endless space. One was the Sun and the other The Moon, and they were known by the stars as The Two Witnesses. The two worked in tandem. A perfect marriage of opposites. They trusted one another and saw better together. Their vision was aided and enhanced by the other in perception, depth and focus. But the two eyes were so firmly affixed on The World around them, they lost sight of the dream within them. And so a third all-seeing eye, named Earth awoke and gazed fiercely between the two others. While the Sun and Moon looked out, Earth looked inside AND out. Together, these three witnesses became a watchman. A seer and a sage. A wizened protector of dreams and the darkness from which they emerge. These are the eyes of Sova and she has looked long before, she is looking right now and she has vowed to always look after, You.


-Excerpt from the book The Keepers of Color