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Runa the Raven, was Queen of the Night and Doula of the Day. A shapeshifting Goddess who cradled the promise of all potential within her womb. In the loving embrace of her wine-black wings was where The Seed of Hope nestled and grew, where babies curled up carefree and stars swam in the ocean of night. Runa was cloaked by The Illuminated Darkness. A glowing, radiant, pregnant dark that brimmed with creativity and was completely suffused in light. Like an exotic bird flashing it’s tail or ornately colored collar, Runa walks in a decorative display of beauty and wonder. Sometimes modest, sometimes lavish, but always with an otherworldly elegance. The sun resting on the snow, the mountains cresting beyond the moon, the sky skipping along the sea are all jewels upon her gown. You’ll see her everywhere you look, though she is invisible. This is her magic. This is The Great Mystery.

-Excerpt from the book The Keepers of Color