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When the call to adventure is ignored, delayed or denied – if it has been swallowed up by the muted madness or the drone of dissonance – a special sound is needed. Not the sound of silence or whispers nor sound of suggestion or counsel. Sound, The Alarm. A rippling resonance that sets things into place, that forces shudderers to think and jogs anyone’s memory within an earshot of their own hushed heartbeat. Leo, The Lion of Leadership, was born within the bellowing echoes of one such roar. Out of these reverberations Leo first unfurled himself before the world, kneeling in a humble bow. While one knee rested gently upon the fields of peace his other foot was firmly planted upon the battlefield. Perpetually poised for pounce or for prayer, Leo knows victory is inevitable when you are led by the love of your own heart.

-Excerpt from the book The Keepers of Color