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Jason Mraz Tour Posters

Poster Designs for Jason Mraz. Jason Mraz is a Grammy-awared winning songwriter, musician, farmer and activist…he also happens to be one of my best friends. Over the span of his career I have been privileged to work closely with him and create an assortment of imagery and merchandise. Designing as a fan for the fans many of these creations are my illustrations of Jason’s lyrics, song titles and the hopeful messages within his words and the colors within his sounds. Let Jason give your hopeful heart wings to fly and earth to stand upon by giving him a listen here. Add these to your playlist: I’m Yours, Love Someone, Song For A Friend, I Won’t Give Up, Best Friend, Out Of My Hands, 93 Million Miles, The World As I See It, Shine, Only Human, A Beautiful Mess, Unfold, 0% Interest, Halfway Home, Life Is Wonderful & The Boy’s Gone

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  • Website: https://www.jasonmraz.com