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Dave Matthews Tour Posters

Poster Designs for Dave Matthews.
Dave Matthews Band was the first concert I ever went to my senior year of high school and I followed the band for nearly a decade afterward. DMB’s fusion of jazz, folk, and world music, combined with Dave’s hopeful lyrics of oneness which celebrated both the sweet and sourness of life gave me lyrical musings to ponder my own existence and filled my head with rich colorful imagery – some of which I channeled into designs for the band that can be seen here.
Let love put the hope back in your mind and give them a listen here.
Add these to your playlist: Lie In Our Graves, Typical Situation, Two Step, Warehouse, Bartender, Proudest Monkey, Seek Up, One Sweet World, Dancing Nancies, The Best Of What’s Around, Pig, The Dreaming Tree & Everyday