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Every now and then I come across an author, musician, artist or thinker who re-shapes and adjusts the lenses I see Life through. The Nigerian, Poet-philosopher Bayo Akomolafe has been one such teacher. I first came across his work through the @for.the.wild podcast (another world-view changing curriculum that I can’t recommend highly enough) which led me to ingesting as much of his work as I could find and eventually reaching out to him for a project I was undertaking. Bayo, true to form, wrote me essentially an essay back that straightened my spine, upended my presumptions and turned the project I was working on inside out. From there, a philosophical and artistic allyship has ensued and these images are some of the fruits of our creative alliance. If you’re interested in learning more about Bayo and his unique and timely perspectives, I’d recommend reading his essays “What Climate Change Asks Of Us” and “I, Coronavirus, Mother, Monster, Activist” (which I illustrated and some of these works appear in). 



  • Created With: Photoshop 
  • Year Created: 2020-Present