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Rose Plant Deva


Since ancient times, roses have symbolized the Divine at work in whatever circumstance they appear. As roses bloom, their buds gradually open to reveal beautiful blossoms with seemingly endless and more intricate layers. This can be seen as Mother Nature illustrating how wisdom unfolds in people’s lives. Within her tightly wound bud, the rose seems to be concealing a secret inner core, an unknowable mystery, that expresses promise, new beginnings and hope. The rose also represents the mystical center of a person, his or her heart of hearts, their essence and – one’s true nature. The Sufi poet Rumi described this idea when he wrote: “In the driest whitest stretch of pain’s infinite desert, I lost my sanity and found this rose.” So, while the petals of the rose are primarily known for beauty and romantic love, roses as a whole symbolize balance. Their crimson and coral decor are contrasted by hard thorny stems which represent defense, loss, hurt and the protection of what is pure. The strong, sweet scent of a rose evokes the undeniable power and sweetness of love, the essence of the Divine in this world and beyond it.