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Integrity For Your Imagination


A six-week creativity course.



Course Includes:

-6 One Hour Group Sessions over Zoom
-Weekly Accountability & Think Tank Study Hall
-Practices to Create New Routines & Disrupt Long Standing Blocks
-Creative Exercises & Goal Setting
-Special Guests Sharing Their Rituals & Rigor
-A 90 Minute One-On-One Session With Jon


You have an idea. A project. A vision.
I walk with you. Work with you. We play together.
I help you bring your dreams from fantasy into form.
Maybe you want to write a book, start a business or follow that wild idea that keeps you up at night.

In order for your vision to come to life we need to create the right conditions for both you and your dream to flourish. I call this: Integrity For Your Imagination. Together, we will co-create a structure that holds you accountable to take action and fulfill on the things (you already know) you need to do.