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Lord Ganesha


Once during a meditation, I saw this image of Ganesh. Normally he’s quite cartoon-y and friendly – and I’ve certainly rendered him that way, but this time when I saw him – he was fierce, powerful and towering. He held not a bowl of sweets, but the earth itself as his offering. At the end of his trunk was coiled a serpent and he was holding within it a dragon that was breathing out a fiery flock of fallen angels. Yeah, it was intense and so so awesome. In this moment I realized Ganesh wasn’t solely here to be called upon to remove just the normal day-to-day obstacles – like always forgetting where you left your keys, but at a more profound level he was here to aid in uprooting deep psychological defects. He was a God, a Lord of his domain and here was/is here to help. A truly beneveloant entity and archetype that I was grateful enough to see for a moment within the wonderous realm of my closed eyes.

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha!

2016. Mixed Media on paper.

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