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Prints & Artwork

Pop Art

Love Squared is simple math. These square sized images are visual sound bytes in an Instagrammable world. Consisting of a cute and clever iconography, Love Squared images are stories told through pictures. Go ahead – tilt you head, scratch your chin and discover the “A-ha” within these frame-able conversation starters.

Folk Art

This body of work is characterized by a naïve, child-like style, usually filled with decorations and doodles, where the rules of drawing proportion and perspective are less important than actually attempting to draw back the curtain. Inspired by the bright colors and handcrafted shapes of lithographs, woodblocks, letterpress and screen-prints, this work is propaganda for the simple life. It’s art, it’s activism it’s signposts for the seeker.

Fine Art

Just as the physical sun gives life to all it touches, the aim of Solar Art is to bestow a nourishing radiance which engages the mind, delights the heart and captivates the Spirit. This body of work serves as safe passage from the mundane to the mystical, inviting the viewer through pixel or pigment to traverse a transpersonal bridge to another shore of awareness. A land where symbols sing to the soul and shine like The Sun. A land which I am drawn to, so that I may draw from.