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Enter a realm of limitless possibility, imagination, insight, and self-reflection. Like a whimsical self-help journal you’d find on an enchanted bookshelf, The Keepers of Color is an interactive adventure through your own inner world. Use this book to navigate any personal endeavor: a creative project, a relationship dynamic, career move, educational decision, or any other dream you’re looking to bring to life.


Embracing the issues of diversity, inclusion and environmental awareness, Holden Hugs The World is a heartwarming tale about a being whose mission is to spread love by hugging each and every thing. 


Smallvoice is a curious Chickadee who lives with his overprotective parents on a farm. Through a series of unexpected events and the changing of the seasons, Smallvoice and his family learn a startling secret about the farm that transforms life as they know it.

Smallvoice, Be Brave! is an allegorical tale about facing your fears and learning to trust your intuition.


From the time he could hold a crayon, Jon Marro was drawing. After an idyllic childhood surrounded by the mountains, lakes and rivers of Vermont, Jon attended the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore where he attained a BFA in illustration and an MA in Digital Art and Imagery. After graduating from MICA he made his way to California where he
found a bunch of big-hearted, hippie-leaning, entrepreneurs, entertainers and activists who shared his love of art, wellbeing and peeking behind the veils.

Jon credits the teachings in the Mystical and Contemplative Traditions, working with Plant Medicine and the intersection of Prophecy, Justice and Ecology for profoundly altering his worldview, and so, his art.

He is an award winning Artist, Author, Creative Director and Filmmaker who loves imaginal realms, liminal spaces and emergent conversations.

Jon lives and creates in Vermont.


Stay in touch as I stay inspired.