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The Padma or lotus blossom alludesto the opening and awakening of consciousness. He also holds a conch shell, to blow the sound of cosmic reality and calling all beings to awaken. His large belly is able to digest all of life, both the good and the bad. One leg is folded in meditation and one is dancing in delight atop the permanent flowering of the heavens. The mouse signifies the exploration of the tiniest places within the labyrinth of the mind. In his other hands, he gently grasps an idle arrow, which combined with the bow of potential and the cultivation of skill, can pierce the heart of truth. With his axe he is able to sever the bonds of attachment. His broken tusk a symbol of the sacrifice necessary in the pursuit of wisdom, and with that tusk he finished writing the epic tale The Mahabharata. His trunk embodies the virtue of adaptability and efficiency, and his large ears exemplify the wisdom of listening with compassion, justice and mercy.
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha!