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Someone once called me: “The Walt Disney of Mindfulness.” I love that. I grew up in the ‘80s on Disney, Jim Henson, Shel Silverstein, Marvel & DC Superheroes and saw Toy Story my senior year of high school. I aspire to create living landscapes that are inhabited by an iconic and diverse cast of characters who are as curious as I am to discover the meanings behind their own existence. These are some residents of my “Worlds Within.”

The Keepers of Color are a mystical group of guardians who have each been assigned to protect and preside over a color in the spectrum. The Keepers are a festive, celebratory bunch entrusted to protect The World Within from The Gray Area – a strange, foggy, cloud-like state of doubt and disarray.

The Good Seeds are a rag-tag, underground group of brutes and vegetables who have vowed to protect the life and vitality of all living things. Their nemesis, a villainous dictator named Mono Croc, will stop at nothing to see the end of bio diversity and soil desertification. The Good Seeds are looking for more volunteers who are willing to get their hands in the dirt and help spread the practices of Regenerative Agriculture and food soverignty across the land.

Smallvoice Be Brave! is the story of a young Chickadee who lives with his overly protective family on a farm. Through the farm runs a long dirt road with a wobbly old fence which Smallvoice is told never to cross. Through gentle inner guidance and a real-life watershed moment, Smallvoice is thrown into an adventure where he faces his fear and in doing so, frees his family from a longstanding illusion and reaps an abundant life-giving harvest for his whole community.

Stay in touch as I stay inspired.