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Making art was my meditation practice long before I knew about or practiced actual meditation. I attended and graduated from Maryland Institute College Of Art in Baltimore in 2000 with a Bachelor Arts in Illustration and in 2001 with an Masters in Digital Art & Imagery. One week after entering “the market” as a newly minted Professional Artist, the tragedy of September 11th happened. Watching the towers plummet and plume live on television, I had what I can only describe as a “spiritual epiphany.” I vowed inwardly to make my life and art about fighting against whatever compulsion could cause such violence. And it is through art that I aspire to offer a visual vigil. A sanctuary for the eyes. A centering, sense-making happy place. A communion between the heart and mind, body and spirit. My art is an offering, so please wear it, share it, post it, gift it, give it – and in doing so, join me in “making the world beautifuler.” I invite you to stop in frequently here, where worlds collide at a virtual crossroads of Art & Spirit.