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About Jon Marro

About me

I was born and raised in Vermont surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers, fresh air and the constant revolve of the four seasons. The Earth was my school, a living library and real-life diorama of breathable, splashable, discoverable wonder. I learned to channel my curiosity into creativity by literally drawing from Nature itself. From the time I could hold a crayon I was drawing. I would spend endless hours daily, just simply coloring – rendering, blending, shading and pushing the boundaries of the spectrum through pixel and pigment.


I am an Artist. I LOVE to paint, draw, design, color, create, but my Absolute favorite medium is Spirit. “Love,” “God,” “The Universe” whatever you choose to call it – that is my Muse, North Star and Constant Companion. The heart within our hearts, the life that grants life to Life. THAT. I am a fan of and in service to THAT.

Creative Director & Collaborator

I am and always will be a visual artist, but looking back I have to say: I definitely got my start in the music industry. Being a lover of live music and avid concert-goer led me to designing posters, album covers, tour collateral, stage design, concert video and merchandise for such mainstream acts as Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews, Madonna, Maroon 5, Counting Crows, Michael Franti, Brett Dennen and most of the other singer songwriters on your Spotify playlist.