“Art is the science of beauty.” – Juan Ruiz Naupari

  • Asleep for lifetimes

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    What is this ancient laziness that lives within me?
    It is sleep.
    It is comfort.

    And this anger that surges up as an unwelcomed tempest?
    It is the protector of your devolution. The thief of your ascent.
    For anger only awakens and alarms when your comfort has been strained. When the ease of sleep has been thwarted by a fire demanding you alert.
    Tend to the siren of anger, yet do not match it’s distress – for though it warns, it is not your ally. It is a false God incriminating the innocent. An unnecessary violence and a sin against peace. A false rampart of fire misassembled around your heart. Guard preciously the flame so that it not befall a wildfire in your soul. Causing smoke, wreaking havoc, billowing a fog for the God of Opacity. Drown instead it’s flames in the sea of patience for it cannot come ablaze or take heat in the space of the Eternal. Set your gaze and your sails towards the horizon of the Absolute and give back the great Christic Sun your labors, your efforts, your spark.

    The Feather & The Jar

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  • Knowledge Becomes Wisdom

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    A New Campaign

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    Well, now that the Election is over – the real task of governance begins.


    Let the campaigning begin…and never end! When speaking about matters of politics and government – my friend Josh Radnor always references something called “The World Peace Test” that he learned from one of his teachers who learned from one of his teachers and so on. Josh states: “The theory behind “The World Peace Test” is that the world is made up of individuals – all that is good about the world is because of individuals and all that is bad is because of individuals.  So if we worry about world peace, it follows that we ourselves must first be peaceful.  So “The World Peace Test” consists of one question: “If everyone in the world were like you, what would the world look like?”

    Wanna find out? Elect Yourself!


    Inward & Upward

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    Good morning! Thanks for waking up. Jon Marro here with some very exciting news that you’ve clearly already discovered.

    I now have a .com after my name.

    After spending many years behind the scenes, veiled with an alias or a facade, I’ve decided to jump off the proverbial diving board into living the life of an Artist. There comes a time where if you read enough Rumi, listen to enough Mozart, or study enough scripture without actually taking action – your soul kind of rolls its eyes at you. I reached that point…about two years ago. So here I Some of you may be familiar with my work for the colorful and clever t-shirt company Blend Apparel. In 2010 as I was backpacking through Peru, I felt called to re-create the way art moves through me and re-direct my focus from the external to the internal. This of course brought with it the uncomfortable death of one thing and the delicate birth of another. As Herman Hesse wrote in his book Demian, “The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world.” For those of you wondering what this process might be like, and don’t have a copy of Demian nearby – fear not, I’ve supplied a handy three-step diagram that provides a working map of what my inner journey looked like.


    Here’s the willing heart responding to the call, exploring the unknown, in search of the mystical – en route to the Absolute. “And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” -Rumi


    I found myself at a crossroads, and recognized a choice must be made. I could only go in one direction. As Shakespeare put it: “To be or not to be.”  Quite simply/severely I realized I’m either on the path or I’m not.  In each moment I am walking, thinking, speaking, and acting from Love, or I’m not. And if I’m not – I’m lost. Staring into this awareness I took a deep breath and then the first step …and another…and in every moment since – another.


    Faraway from the familiar I listened more intently and blindly diving into the heart’s abyss, I discovered new worlds. Truths were revealed, inner knowledge deepened, and the Being recognized. A series of new work began to emerge from within me. For years I had been designing almost exclusively on the computer, so when I picked up a marker to color, shapes and symbols started drawing themselves. The lines I drew became pathways of remembrance leading me to now. So once again, and for the first time – here I am (.com).

    In this time of distraction, destruction, and violence, we must not forget the true beauty of the Being. My heart’s intention is to provide a sanctuary for the eyes.

    It is a great honor to share this window into my heart. Please enjoy and thank you for being on this journey with me, for watching me grow (and draw) wings, and for allowing us each to see and be seen with new eyes. May the beauty within move us forward!

    Siempre Adelante!